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The Mommy Team Forum - FAQ & Clarifications Thread

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:40 am
by mforadminu74
• The Mommy Team Forum (hereafter referred to as the Forum) is a community that aims to be supportive, welcoming and non-confrontational. Please participate accordingly and be respectful of others.
• As stated in the Welcome thread, while this forum is affiliated to “The Mommy Team” Website (hereafter referred to as the Store), participation here is not limited to customers and subscribers of “The Mommy Team”. Please feel free to share your stories and experiences about motherhood and/or any question that you may have. All we ask is that topics be centered around motherhood, pregnancy, babies and fashion. We also ask that everyone be civil and respectful to others.
• Please direct your questions about the Forum, the Store and any associated guidelines and policies to this thread. We will try our best to respond as quickly as we can
• If you have any questions specifically about the Store and its products and services, you can also directly contact the Store at or